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Liverpool Rein Settings

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Bit Overview

  1. Plain or Smooth Cheek - Mildest setting.  The bit is pulled back and up into the mouth and the curb chain is not engaged.
  2. Rough Cheek - Allows slight curb action while the bit is pulled back in the mouth.
  3. First Slot - Provides moderate curb action as well as poll pressure.
  4. Second Slot or Middle Slot - Gives increased leverage. Pulls the bit down in the mouth so that the tongue and lower jaw are pinched between the mouthpiece and the curb chain. Poll pressure is also created.
  5. Third Slot or Bottom Slot - Exerts maximum poll and curb pressure. This severe rein setting should be used only as a last resort in a crisis. It is also known as "Dead Man's Slot" because if you are in the bottom slot you have no where else to go!

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