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Zilco Classic Harness

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Zilco's original synthetic carriage harness is lightweight and strong. Suitable for everyday training, competition, or recreational driving. Features include padded buckle-in style breastcollar, padded neckstrap, saddle with flexible tree and adjustable padding, no check hook on saddle, quick release tugs, padded girth with overgirth, false martingale, soft padded crupper, padded breeching with 2 hipstraps, trace carriers, and breeching straps. Bridle has padded crown, flat throatlatch, wire winkerstays, padded noseband on adjustable hangers, and removable flash noseband. Z-Grip brown reins with stops are standard. Classic traces have both slot and dee-end for added versatility. Storage bag included.
Classic Harness
Zilco Classic Harness is all synthetic in black with stainless steel fittings only. Available with traditional straight padded breastcollar or contoured MK4 Empathy breastcollar with quick release fittings. Click here to view details of optional MK4 Empathy breastcollar.

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Classic Harness Single (1) Single w/Empathy Pair Pair w/Empathy Tandem Four-in-Hand
Size Item # Price Item # Price Item # Price Item # Price Item # Price Item # Price
Mini N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Pony #011-z441040 $1,040 #011-z441040E $1,110 #011-z442020 $2,085 #011-z442020E $2,185 #011-z442060 $990 #011-z443020 $4,070
Cob #011-z441050 $1,185 #011-z441050E $1,320 #011-z442030 $2,550 #011-z442030E $2,640 #011-z442070 $1,165 #011-z443030 $4,710
Horse #011-z441060 $1,210 #011-z441060E $1,335 #011-z442040 $2,580 #011-z442040E $2,670 #011-z442080 $1,190 #011-z443040 $4,760
Warmblood N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
(1) Single Classic with sliding backband: $1,065, $1,220, $1,250 respectively.

Zilco Classic Harness Features Include:
Harness Set Includes:
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Zilco Bridle
  • Padded crown
  • Flat throatlatch
  • Wire winkerstays
  • Padded noseband
  • Adjustable noseband hangers
  • Removable flash noseband
  • Z-Grip reins included
Zilco Classic Harness Set
Classic Action

Converts easily from single to pair driving
    Parts required to convert 2 singles into 1 pair harness:
  • 1 set of Pair Reins
  • 2 Classic Pair Breastcollars
  • 2 sets of Pair Breeching Straps
  • 2 sets of Pair Breeching Connector Straps
  • 1 set of Pole Straps

    Popular Options:
  • Silver clincher browband
  • Detachable color trim for breastcollar
  • Matching color browband
  • Choice of different length traces
  • Choice of saddle pad thicknesses
  • Tilbury tugs
  • Sliding backband saddle
  • MK4 Empathy contoured breastcollar
  • S-Grip brown reins
Essential Reins

Classic Breastcollar
  • Padded buckle-in style
  • Padded neckstrap
  • Floating terrets
  • Slot and dee-end traces
  • Includes false martingale
Classic Saddle
  • Adjustable padding
  • Flexible tree
  • Removable tug bearing straps
  • Quick release tugs
  • Padded girth with overgirth
  • Turnback with multiple slots
  • Soft padded crupper
classic Breeching
  • Padded breeching seat
  • Double hipstraps
  • Adjustable trace carriers
  • Breeching straps
  • Convenient breeching snaps
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