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Glinkowski Carriages</td>
      <td align= Glinkowski - Pony Sport
Designed for Single Cob or Horse
and Pair Pony or Cob

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Pony Sport
Pony Sport
Pony Sport
Pony Sport
Pony Sport
Pony Sport
Pony Sport standard features:
Single Horse
Pair Horse
FEI Compliant
Double front seat
Driver's wedge on track sliding front/back/center
Rear disc brakes with stainless steel discs
Elliptical (rear) 3-point spring (front) suspension
Independent shafts
Adjustable pole with padded pole cover  
Stainless steel pole extension and pole head
Rear seat cushions
Whip socket
Removable snap-in rubber floor mats
Spares compartment under front seat
Removable lamp brackets
Two-tiered backstep
Includes choice of:
✓ Choice of brass or chrome fittings
✓ Choice of paint or powder coat color
✓ Choice of stripe color
✓ Choice of stain color
✓ Choice of vinyl upholstery color
✓ Choice of hinged or hinged/folding seat
✓ Choice of rear seating backrest style
✓ Choice of straight or tilted rear wheels
✓ Choice of shaft end style
✓ Choice of swingle tree end style
Pony Sport popular options:
Stainless steel railings, dash, grab handles
Stainless steel tree (each)
Steel wheels with stainless steel spokes
Pneumatic wheels (as second set)
Extendable rear axle
Front disc brakes with stainless steel discs (when not standard)
Interchangeable hub system
Removable backstep extension
Shock absorber under driver's wedge
Delayed steering (always on)
5th wheel brake pedal and wheel controlled
5th wheel brake pedal controlled
Backstep weight
Adjustable pole with padded cover
Stainless steel shafts in place of steel shafts
Removable rear groom seat mounted on floor
Knee pads for backstep extension
Stainless steel evener
Stainless steel pole (excluding extension and head)
Delayed steering (wheel controlled)
Please call 800-622-8543 for additional options and customization
Pair pony from 180 kg./397 lbs. $7,500
Single horse from 210 kg./463 lbs. $7,500
Price included shipping and customs to our store in PA.

Check FEI Widths and Weights chart to determine competition regulations

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