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BellcrownUSA - Minicrown
Fits 26" — 36" Minis
Standard Features Include:
• Easy to dismantle
• 104cm track width
• Superide torsion suspension
• Removable, adjustable shafts
• Semi-double seat (adult & child)
• 3 in. flat seat cushion
• Tubular dash
• Whip socket
• Easy to balance — moveable axle
• Dual end swingle tree
• Easy to dismantle

Choice Of:
• Wheel colors
• Body color

Popular Options for Minicrown include:
Pin striping- 2 Wheelers$75
Wicker basket$ Amount Varies
Lamp brackets$145/pair
Fenders- Birds Eye Maple$170
Fenders- Oak$145
Pin striping wheels$35/each
Seat pedestal side panels- Birds Eye Maple$250
Non-black paintwork- 2 Wheelers$125
Lift pieces- 4in., 2/set$125
Lift pieces- 6in., 2/set$125
Wooden dash panel$95
Floorboard under seat$85
Spares basket$120
Base Price: $1,795
Weight from: 45 kg, 99 lbs

This is the workhorse for minis! Engineered and built to take the punishment of combined driving, this 99 pound machine will endure the rigors of training and competing alike.  With 1.81 inch wide wheels, and anemic 99 pound weight, this is the carriage for those hills, streams and sandy areas.  It just won't sink in.

And the comfort can't be beat!  With the standard wide seat, there is ample room for driver comfort, or an adult and child.  Bellcrown's Superide suspension is a true independent suspension, smoothing the bumps for you and your mini.

The balance...oh the balance - with Bellcrown's movable axle balancing system, you can adjust the weight on your mini's back just the way you like it.

The Minicrown is designed for easy dismantling, so it can be transported in the smallest of spaces.

View the complete Minicrown Price List in .pdf format

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