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Alternate-Color FEI Cone Cover

Alternate-Color FEI Cone Cover

These easy-to-install covers are made of 100% cotton duck cloth and fit snugly around FEI Driving Cones. Velcro closure insures proper fit. Economical solution to meet FEI alternate-route (reduced width) cones requirement.

#011-460003     $21.25/each


Burlingham Sports Arena Flower Box

Burlingham Sports Arena Flower Box

Beautify your dressage arena or show barn entrance. Holds up to a 5 gallon plant. Can be used as a dressage arena marker by hanging Rail Dressage Letters over the top edge of the box. White. 14 3/4" square x 22" high.
Prices include shipping to continental US address.

#011-0105-900FB     $99.00


Cones Measuring Stick by Glinkowski

Cones Measuring Stick by Glinkowski

This sturdy, precision measuring stick makes it fast and easy to measure cone width on the obstacle course. Each centimeter mark is etched into the aluminum tubing, from 1cm to 200cm. With this measuring stick, just a few volunteers can quickly reset cones in an obstacle course. It is designed to also be used to measure carriage track widths. Easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning if necessary (Allen/hex wrenches included).

#011-gh-mstick     $60.00 / each
      $360.00 / set of seven


Additional $4 shipping surcharge applies.

Measuring Stick Cover (not shown)
Black vinyl cover with draw string is a great way to keep clean and protect the Cones Measuring Stick when not in use.

$15.00 / each
$90.00 / set of seven

3rd Meter for Glinkoswki Cones Measuring Stick

Easily converts the Glinkowski cones measuring stick to a 3-meter version. This 3rd meter slips inside the standard measuring stick making it ideal for pleasure shows and coaching obstacle classes. Tools and instructions to convert your two meter version are included.

$30.00 / each
$180.00 / set of seven

Additional $4 shipping surcharge applies.

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